Financially Savvy Saturdays #86

Financially Savvy Saturdays with Disease Called Debt and Broke Girl Rich - Personal Finance Blog Hop

Welcome to Financially Savvy Saturdays, the savviest personal finance blog hop on the planet, created specifically for personal finance writers! We welcome all things money here. Whether you’ve written anything from money savings DIYs to reviews of the best free colleges in America, you’re invited to link-up. If it ties into personal finance, we want […]

Things Are Getting Shaken Up Around Here

Disease Called Debt Blog - News and Annoucements - Elite Blog Academy and Financially Savvy Saturdays

I’ve got a couple of annoucements to make today about some changes that will be happening here on Disease Called Debt! The first is that from this coming Saturday, I’ll be permanently co-hosting Financially Savvy Saturdays with Mel from Broke Girl Rich. Financially Savvy Saturdays is a blog hop especially for Personal Finance Bloggers (also […]

83 Resources to Help You Pay Off Your Debt

83 Resources to Help You Pay Off Your Debt - Disease Called Debt

When I first started this blog and our debts were at their highest, I had no idea how we could start digging ourselves out of the finanical mess we found ourselves in. Then after a while, I began to read other blogs and it soon became apparent that we weren’t alone in trying to get […]

Reader Question: How Can I Get Out of My Overdraft?

How can I get out of my overdraft? Reader question on Disease Called Debt

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post a reader question for you. I occasionally get emails from readers who are in debt and are looking for support or advice. I’m not a qualified financial advisor of course so I can’t give professional “advice”. But I do try to offer help wherever possible. For […]

How to Pick Your Frugal but Productive Hobby

How to Pick Your Frugal and Productive Hobby

I have a great guest post for you today from Anum Yoon who blogs over at Current on Currency. Please check out her blog after you’ve read her post below about frugal hobbies! If you’re interested in guest posting on Disease Called Debt, I’d love to hear from you, please get in touch. Feeling overworked? […]