Do You Open Your Bills?

How Much Could You Save By Checking Your Bills?

I’ve teamed up with Santander today to bring you this post and infographic about bills, bills, bills! Did you know that 1 million households in the UK don’t open their bills at all, never mind read them? Scary! I have a confession to make… I’m a mail hoarder. I have a stack of mail that […]

Is it Possible to Invest While in Debt?

Investing While In Debt

This is a tricky one. If you’ve lived with credit card debt for any amount of time, you’ll recognize that, unless you are an investment wizard, you’ll be losing money faster than you gain it. a 22.99% interest rate on the VISA easily trumps your 9% gain on those mutual funds. But is it as […]

Why You Should Take Out Life Insurance Even If You Have Debt

Why You Should Get Life Insurance Even if You Have Debt

The following post about life insurance has been kindly funded by Freedom to Insure. In this article you’ll find out why it’s important to consider life insurance even if you have debts to contend with.  Life insurance is one of those things that many find it easy to put off or decide that they don’t […]