What’s the Best Way to Save Money on Mobile Phone Contracts?

What's the Best Way to Save Money on Mobile Phone Contracts?

Over the past couple of years, the hubby and I have slashed costs wherever possible including getting rid of Sky TV, cutting the food budget down by half and making do with what we’ve already got. One area where we’ve struggled to save money though is on our mobile phones. We’re not paying over the […]

Debt Freedom in all its Glory

Debt freedom in all its glory

It was the hubby’s birthday this weekend just gone. This was the first birthday that he’d spent being free from debt in a very long time – in fact, it’s been 18 long years since he’d had a birthday without debt. Without explicitly giving away his age, I can say that this amounts to around […]

Debt Free at Last: Our Debt of £41K Has Been Paid Off!

Debt Free at Last!

That’s right, we’ve managed to completely clear our debt! We started out with just over £41,000 of credit card and loan debt ($65,000) and it’s now been eliminated. I can barely contain my happiness as I write this post, because for such a long time, I thought we would always have to live under the […]

How To Effectively Negotiate With Credit Card Companies

How to negotiate with credit card companies

I have a guest post for you today from my good blogger friend Kalen over at MoneyMiniBlog. Kalen’s article about how to negotiate with and talk to your creditors will be really useful for anyone (especially my US readers) looking to get a better interest rate on their credit cards. Please check out Kalen’s site once you’ve […]

The Challenges of Home Working

The challenges of home working

Happy Friday! I have a guest post for you today from Janine, who is a member of The Money Shed forum. Janine’s article is about the challenges of home working and her experience of the ways she’s found to make money. For anyone who hasn’t checked out The Money Shed yet, it’s a really good online forum […]